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Heating Services

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Our Heating Services

Leighton’s heating engineers can solve all gas and heating related problems such as leaking radiators to boiler breakdowns. We have years of experience in providing a wide range of central heating services in the Hull and East Yorkshire area. Our engineers can carry out power flushing to improve the efficiency of your heating system and are experienced in installing boiler upgrades to underfloor heating systems and combining renewables into your existing heating or hot water system.We service and maintain all types of central heating systems, including underfloor heating, gas, oil and LPG appliances, services to the homeowner, landlord, or housing association.

Power Flushing

Leighton’s Power flushing is an effective and efficient way to restore your existing heating & hot water system by removing corrosion/sludge content. Flushing equipment, normally set up at the boiler location and connected to your central heating system cleans the whole system without having to take off all the radiators. Powerflush cleaner is added to the system water and starts to loosen the rust. The heating is turned on and radiator surfaces checked for cold spots. By flushing water through individual radiators and vibrating cold spots the sludge is rapidly loosened. The sludge flows from radiators and is collected at our magnet filter. All radiators and pipe work are power flushed until water samples are clean. A corrosion inhibitor is added to the clean water, radiators are balanced as required.A heating and hot water system with good water quality will ensure a warmer home, quieter running system and Reduce fuel bills by up to 30%.

High Efficiency Boilers (HE)

With over 35+ years of domestic & commercial boiler installations Leighton’s has the know how to upgrade your old boiler Installing a more efficient A-rated gas boiler that burns less fuel could save you up to 20% on your gas bill and help you to freeze your energy bills.

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Heating Controls

 With the latest Heating Controls you can control the temperature in your home and ensure that your heating is on only when needed. Installation of an efficient heating control system can produce significant savings on your energy bill.

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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is far more controllable than radiator systems and heat is only delivered where and when it is required. 

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