Renewable Energy Services

Renewable Energy Services

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Our Renewable Services

With global price increases in fossil fuel energy like natural GAS, LPG and OIL and the environmental issues that face us in the world today, at Leighton’s we are committed to reducing our customers carbon emissions and energy costs. Energy supply that protects the climate and the environment must be based on renewable technology, and not fossil, nuclear energy or even fracking. Renewable energy technologies now offer a cost competitive alternative to fossil fuel heating. Solar thermal panels, biomass boilers, and heat pumps these are all ways of generating your own heat in your home saving money on your energy bills and getting paid through the (RHI) Renewable Heat Incentive.  

Green Deal Government Stats as of 2013-2014*

Renewable Energy - 7.7 million homes     Renewable Energy - 45 different improvements     Renewable Energy - £125 Million rewarded

Biomass Boilers

With increased OIL & LPG cost many people are looking for an alternative source of heating and hot water. Biomass boilers offer a great solution to many people in this situation. Unlike fossil fuels which are a depleting resource, biomass fuel can be sourced from a (closed carbon cycle) system.

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Solar Water Heating

Solar Thermal Water Heating actually creates heat energy. Solar Systems convert light into heat, and having captured the heat, thermal solar technology deploys the energy in water heating. Solar Systems produce hot water without creating carbon dioxide or any other greenhouse gas and create no pollution.

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