Rose Cottage Farm

Rose Cottage Farm

Rose Cottage Farm

Project Completed: 2018 | Location: Denby Dale

Solar thermal & large capacity heat storage,plumbing, heating, bathrooms and underfloor heating systems. 

Solar thermal heat energy Installed by Leighton’s at Rose cottage in South Yorkshire. Using the German TS 300 solar panels with roof integrated weathering kit, we install a 14-panel system (28m2) thermal system with panels facing direct south. The panel array was piped into a fully pumped flow and return pipe circuit and pressurised with an antifreeze fluid known as solar glycol. With the installation of solar thermal controls, the constant heat energy collected by the TS 300 solar panels was circulated direct into the thermal storage tank.

Thermal storage With the installation of a large capacity thermal storage tank (2000 litre) we were able to collect and store as much heat energy and store with a maximum storage temperate of 80 Deg C .The selected tank is the HSK tank (Solar Hygienic-Stratification-Kombi-Tank) This tank allows multiple entry points for different energy sources, like solar thermal, Biomass or a heat pump. This tank is also installed with large stainless-steel internal coil delivering high-pressure instantaneous domestic hot water production.

Heat distribution With a large amount of stored solar heated water, we are able to distribute the heat energy into required heat demand areas. For this system we delivered with the use if pump stations, heat to the following areas

House heating: Radiators and underfloor heating system
Pool house: Bench heaters and underfloor heating system
Hot Water: Delivering hot water to the house and pool house