Underfloor Overlay System

Underfloor Overlay System

Underfloor Overlay System

Project Completed: 2018 | Location: Beverley

Underfloor Overlay System is a wet heating system to allow underfloor to be retro fitted to existing rooms without the need to disturb existing floors.

Slimline 18mm board (Gypsum)

Screedboard is a superb, high density and flexible screedboard solution for laying over a concrete subfloor.  It is particularly recommended for tiled floor areas because ceramic tiles can be laid directly over the top with no additional layers required.  Boards are high density with impressive sound insulation and heat retention qualities. The system uses a 12mm PE-RT pipe which we can supply separately.

Pipe System 12mm 

Gerpex Multi-Layer Composite Pipe is made of composite material through a technologically advanced process in which an inner layer of cross linked PE-Xb (polyethylene) pipe is bonded to a butt-welded aluminium core with outer layer of PE-Xb.The composition is what gives Gerpex its high temperature and pressure characteristics. The internal aluminium layer provides rigidity, form retention, and a solid oxygen barrier to prolong the life of heating system components such as heat exchangers, pumps and radiators.

Underfloor Manifold

The manifold is for underfloor heating (UFH) systems only. They have a temperature controller and pump, to ensure that the water is at the correct temperature for the underfloor heating circuits, and there is sufficient flow for the greater length of pipe used