Central Heating Controls

Central Heating Controls


Heating Controls

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With the latest Heating Controls you can control the temperature in your home and ensure that your heating is on only when needed. Installation of an efficient heating control system can produce significant savings on your energy bill.


Room Thermostats

A Room Thermostat helps you to maintain the temperature in your home at a set level. It works by switching your radiator water pump off and on as required when the temperature in the room rises or falls below the chosen level. Room Thermostats can help you to save money and today are normally wireless technology. Programmable versions also exist that allow you to control temperature and system on/off times.


Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Thermostatic Radiator Valves help you to maintain the temperature in a room at a set level. They work by increasing or decreasing the flow of hot water to the radiator when the surrounding air temperature rises above or falls below the chosen level. Thermostatic Radiator Valves let you maintain different temperature in different rooms. They can be retrofitted to existing radiators and are affordable technology. They are often used in conjunction with a Room Thermostat to provide more efficient and effective control of your home’s temperature.


Cylinder Thermostat

If you use a boiler and hot water tank to provide hot water for your home you will most likely already have a Cylinder Thermostat. Attached to the hot water tank it enables you to regulate the temperature of the water within by controlling the heat supply to the tank. Cylinder Thermostats, like Room Thermostats, help you to save money and today are usually wireless technology.


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